Friday, August 21, 2015

Management's challenge with “Prospecting Mandates”

It is generally agreed that if we want more business we need more prospecting activity.  This is true

whether we are talking about new account or existing account business.

It is also generally understood by Executive and Sales management that most of your sales organization 

is weak at prospecting.  In most organizations 10-20% of the sales force has some level of natural or 

developed skills in this area, the rest, which is the majority, struggle.  Given that we know that going into 

delivering any mandate regarding prospecting, it is easy to understand why the results we seek generally 

don’t happen.

More importantly, what effort was put into the mandate?  Did it fail because of lack of effort?  Did it fail 

due to a poor qualification approach and message?  Was the prospecting database that we used of the 

right quality?  How many prospects that we approached consider a “no fit”, ever?

What we know is that management (Sales, Marketing and Executive Management) has no real way of 

managing effort and effectiveness.  Not for the sales force, the message or the market.

Up until now, the market has been lacking in a tool/technology to manage this process.  The outcome is 

devastating to the entire organization.  The desired business growth isn’t there, we keep turning over 

new sales people and tremendous cost to manage and train.  Did the sales person fail due to lack of 

effort or effectiveness?

ProspectStream (PS3) can resolve these issues.  Let’s talk about how!


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