Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sales Process Management is the answer.

From an international discussion group put on by a leading technology group, the question was why to

sales people hate and don’t use sales force automation.

From the leader of the group –

“Based on these responses (over 350 were received) here is what I have concluded....The reason sales

reps hate salesforce automation is not because they hate change or feel threatened by having to share

information with the company... the reason why most sales reps hate salesforce automation is because

more often than not the tool is designed by someone other than sales with a bias for making the senior

management team happy by offering them certain data and the belief that with this information they

will be better equipped and able to manage the company’s performance. It is in this scenario that sales

reps becoming frustrated with having to input data and seeing no perceived benefit, other than helping

their managers to micromanage their sales activities.”

Some of my observations in the group and talking to my fellow group members: no one challenged the

fact that the vast majority of sales people felt traditional salesforce automation (CRM) was more

harmful than helpful, no one disputed that there was no data to support the use of salesforce

automation, and no one felt they could do any better to make it work than the case studies showed.

Many of the arguments were against the use of automation; they argued that they were “professionals”

and didn’t need the heavy hand of a management tool.

The one single point from the whole three month exercise is (I could have told them going in) no

perceived benefit! Salesforce automation (CRM) after 30 years still has “no perceived benefit” to the

selling process.

My explanation based on what is missing, CRM promotes no best practices, no clear path to success, no

knowledge driven process, no repeatable results, no efficiency, no system, measures, or data. It fails to

bring consistency, set expectations, improve and learn which inhibits growth, ROI, development, and

forecasting. If you recognize that there has to be a better way, there is!

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